The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface

So it is that we develop

But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work

For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece. Javan

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 UFO Patchwork Times Challenge

It is that time again -
Judy Laquidara at
is challenging us to get those UFO's done.  You really should sign up,
 especially if you have lots of UFO's.
I happen to have a lot of UFP's Unfinished Projects
that I definitely want to get done this year.
Make a list of 12 projects - one for each month - 
take pictures and number them - then post your
list on your blog and link up over at Patchwork Times.
Keeps you honest about your list and you can always switch about.
SAO in Richmond has 24 UFO's listed...
she is ambitious and gets alot done !!!  Go, Shirley.

Judy L. selects a number each month
and that is the number on your list that you work on.

I call it a motivator... and a darn good way to get things done.
I was able to complete all 14 projects for 2011 - I added a couple extra
just because I wanted them to be OML  (Off My List) and they are.

If you want to see 2011 completions - go here

Number 1 - Cottage Maze quilt pattern with one block complete.
Will do this with a layer cake of Terraine by Kate Spain

Done for February

Number 2 -  a jelly roll of Cherrywood fabrics and the pattern is Cherry Roll Ribbons.  Just yummy and will definitely be very different.  Really looking forward to working with this fabric.  Have you ever worked with this?
Number 3 -  a kit that was purchased at the Hampton Roads Quilt Festival two years ago - Civil War - Gettysburg Stars with applique around the border and it came from Calico Corner.
Number 4 - Pollylops kit from Pat Sloan & Co. that I had won on her site.  Should be fun because there is rick rack - what fun.
Number 5 - Sweetheart Vines is a Robb-n-Graves Designs and I will be making the mantel scarf and/or table runner.DONE - JANUARY
Number 6 - Plumeria , Japanese Sashiko and Hand Applique pattern and I have never done Sashiko stitchery.  A challenge !!!

Number 7 - A jelly roll and layer cake of Civil War Crossings plus some yardage.  I have the pattern Transitions with the fabric, but not sure that will be used.  A work in progress, subject to change.  My dear son and daughter-in-law gifted this to me from their Fall New England trip.

Number 8 - The pattern is Jewel Box.  My Golden Girls quilting group had a swap, two years ago, and I am just getting around to putting this together. Am I Bad?

Number 9 - I can no longer say that I have never won a block exchange as this is  my very first.  There for awhile I was wondering how many blocks I had to make before I would win some.  Now to get them put together into a quilt - UFO list is perfect for these.  Designing Divas was in charge of the Block party at guild that year.
Number 10 - Redwork Rhymes from Yesterday's Charms and I have all the blocks embroidered, just never arranged into a quilt.  It is time and this will be gifted to granddaughter, Cierra for when she marries.
Number 11 - Magnolia Wreath from Southwind Designs.  I actually forgot that I had this - I had found a really nice, pure-looking white fabric for the magnolias, and now will determine what other colors to use.
Number 12 - A couple of Nature's Bounty blocks that I bought because they look as if they would make really great table runners. I see machine applique on these and the fabric is included.

Number 13 - Who would not love this fabric, Crayon Forest?  I fell in love right away and got charm packs and yardage.  Still need to determine a pattern, but it will come along and speak to me at some point.  I have faith

Number 14 - A beautiful stained glass table runner that I keep putting off, so I added it this year.  Just gotta git her done!!!


Does any of this inspire you? Do you have wonderful UFO's or projects in bags just waiting for attention?
Sign up and play along with us - we love looking at everyone's finishes each month and encouraging them to completion - some definitely are challenging and some so inspiring we end up having to go look for more patterns, hence more UFO's and projects for next year.

Happineess and delight along your journey of happiness and love... 
It is yours to create.

1 comment:

taylorsoutback said...

My mind is numb just looking at your list, Judy! Sure do like the looks of the Civil War project.

Will you be prepping your Cherrywood fabrics? Pre-wash? Synthropol (sp?) The dyes can really run so be sure to follow instructions.

I think I would fail miserably if I signed up...while I do have numerous UFO's, what I am working on now and in the past year are large projects and I am so slow anyway. If I am lucky, I can grab a day on the weekend for sewing but other than that it is 8 p.m. after dishes, etc. are done before I sit down. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I sure do admire you and the others for accomplishing so much.