The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface - So it is that we develop - But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work. For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lessons From Brady

 Our Man of Spirit
April 19, 1997 - August 8, 2011

We first met Brady on a Sunday afternoon at a pet store. He was not a perfect Cairn Terrier ... ears too large... body too long ... but you could look in his eyes and see his Cairn spirit and his wonderful heart. I did not know we were going on a journey that day - but there was no way we could have left him there. He was AKC registered, but his build and gait were all wrong - typical for a puppy mill dog but he would always be perfect in our eyes.

And so our life began with Lessons From Brady ... He was registered as Currie's Man of Spirit - better known as Sir Brady to those of his inner circle. Our sweet boy's name came from the book "Gaelic Names for Celtic Dogs" and Brady means strong, stout soldier ... and he was also always that..

He taught us how to play and not be so serious about life - how to run with abandon into the lake and see if we could swim - how to find the coolest place to lay down - how to get the best morsels from begging - how to chase the sprinklers and catch the water on a hot day - and how to really and truly rest in comfort and with style.  Everyone should  play until you drop - and he caught a lot of tennis balls.  He was so loving and would let me hold him like a baby doll just because I wanted to. He was so patient with us - always waiting and loving so unconditionally.  He talked with his eyes and through his personality and he pranced.  He had the biggest brown eyes ever.

We lost Brady today - because he was 14 years old -  he had diabetes for five years,  he had gone blind, and most recently was prone to seizures, which became more debilitating with each one, the last one the worse on Saturday afternoon when he had some sort of stroke. We had two days with him this weekend - knowing the entire time we were going to have to let him go - we could feel him leaving us - we had lots of ice cream, yogurt, Fritoes, sissie's dog food, all the things he had not been able to have since he got diabetes. We had a pajama party in the living room on his level for two nights because he could no longer stand up. He was with us and Casey and we were with him - we played as best we could. There were lots of tears and hugs from us and lickings from him - as he continued to give to us.

He was always looking for me - I would change rooms, and he would follow,I would cook and he would help, I would say "Let's go sew" and he would beat me to the sewing room and lay in front of the fan and stay with me until I was ready to go down stairs. He was my sweet fellow and Casey is Marty's dog and always follows every step he takes. The Cairn breeder told us that would probably be how it would be.

Brady's favorite toy was a golf ball - we would hide them and he would find them and they would go rolling down the tile floor and he would carry them in his mouth and let them roll again.  He was really smart - he only chased and caught the tennis balls.

Brady sat in his chair by resting his front paw on the arm, just like a little man, and his pillow had to be just right when he wanted to lay down. We fluffed it for him of course.

He loved to cover his nose when he slept and this was his favorite pillow in the computer room - right next to my chair.

He always got under the king-size bed, being unreachable, when we were hunting him for his bath.

Lessons from Brady - they were everywhere...
I would never have been ready to let him go - he was my sweet boy.
Before we went to the vet today, we had our last "nitey nite party" with Brady and Casey -
every night before we went to bed they always had carrots and doggie cookies that I made them -
and they did not let us forget to give them... a routine they loved before they went nitey nite.

How do you say good bye -
we wished him safe journey across the Rainbow Bridge -
we told him it was okay to go and play and we stayed with him as long as we could
and our tears fell on him...
 we thanked him for coming into our lives and for his love ..
we know we will see 'our sweet boy' again
and next time he will be able to see us...
 and he will never have to take insulin shots again.
Life with Brady was good ... and we loved him a lot.

I know this has to be the harder part of our journey - and we are so very sad today ...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sincerest sympathy for the loss of your dear Brady.

Judy S said...

My heart breaks for you and Marty as you go through this. I know how very much you adored Brady. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!!! See you next week.

Judy S,

JCnNC said...

Posted by me for Deb -

I am crying and would post that comment if I was an experienced blogger... I just quickly couldn't figure out how to comment so I thought I would send an email.

I am sooooo glad we got to see Brady a bit ago... and he did look good!

I loved that you shared stories about him on the blog... I am sure it felt good to write it, similar to how I felt working on a book of Aspen stories and pictures. Dogs are such an important part of your family. Brady was a GREAT son... the only one I know who would beat you to the sewing room! :) I do know the son I sleep with each night would beat Brady to the kitchen for veggie soup! :) I wish I could have seen the PJ parties! I know they were worth the sore backs and climbing up off the floor!

I hope Casey is doing ok... and I am glad you have her to love on!

Know that we are praying for you guys... and thinking about you too!

Love you all... and we looking forward to seeing Brady again too!


kimland said...

Judy, I could not get through your post without tears and feeling the swelling of my heart in my throat. Words can not relieve you of the pain and loss you are feeling today. Hold your fond memories close to your heart and know that Brady was as happy and content with you as you were with him. He sounds like a special fellow and will forever live in the hearts of those he loved unconditionally. Peace to you and yours.

Lisa said...

What a heartfelt and loving tribute to your strong soldier, Brady. Your thoughtful characterizations of him carry on his memory. He was a brave little guy to the end. Thankfully you had many years together. I hope you take strength and comfort in your memories of him: your special sewing times and pajama parties, the way he told you he needed your yummy treats and his thank you glances for pillow adjustments. My thoughts are with you. ~~Lisa

Mary said...

What a sad but wonderful tale at the same time. So sorry for you loss, but so happy you had Brady and he had you.

As I always remind myself, no one will every love us so unconditionally as our pets. And that is a wonderful thing to be apart of.

You are in my thoughts.

taylorsoutback said...

Judy - it is so hard to see my keyboard through tears...We have gone on that same journey - each time more difficult.

Your Brady had the joy of being loved by his family in all the best ways. And he returned that love every day -

Barbara said...

So sorry for the loss of Brady. It's so hard to say goodbye to such a good friend.

JCnNC said...

From Phyllis - posted by Judy

I am so very, very, sorry to hear that you have lost Brady. I know you must be hurting and are very sad. Your eulogy on Brady's behalf was very beautiful and heartwarming. He was so fortunate to have you two to love and care for him. Will be thinking of you. Phyllis

Joanne Lendaro said...

Oh Judy....I am so sorry for your loss. Those little guys can take up a huge part of our heart. The love they give comes so unconditional. Thinking of you....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My heart is broken for you, with you. In time those sweet memories and lessons learned will crowd out the pain and your heart won't hurt nearly as much. Know that I am sending you virtual hugs and praying for peace as you endure this profound loss. He is one handsome pup and surely he knew how very much he was loved~ you can take solace from that.

Sue Radkiewicz said...

Judy, I'm so sorry for your loss of Brady. I'm new here so don't know all the stories of him, but your post today was beautiful!
Sue R (Quilted Angels)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you. blessings, marlene

JCnNC said...

Posted by me for Karen...

I am so sorry to hear about Brady passing! He was always excited to see me and made me feel welcome everytime I came over to visit. He will me missed. Love KK

Quilt Hollow said...

I leave your blog crying and with saddened heart. I'm such a lover of animals great and small and could easily see he was a joy and loved family member. It is never easy too lose but to not have had would be a greater loss.

Vic in NH said...

That was a wonderful tribute to your beloved Brady, thank you for sharing it here.
Vic in NH

JCnNC said...

Posted for Carolyn Gray in California -
I was sorry to read of the loss of your pet. They are so special in our lives that our hearts break when they get hurt, are in pain, but worst when they are gone. Please know that my thoughts are with you as we have a dog as well so do understand.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I'm soooo very sad for you. You know I understand all too well the pain you feel and the hole that is left. Their time with us never seems long enough. We always miss how good and happy they make us feel.
Sending you hugs for your heart my friend. I'm so very sorry. :(
xx, shell

Carol said...

Oh Judy I am so sorry. Brady sounds like a once in a lifetime boy...he truly filled your heart. He left a mark that will be with you forever and ever. What a treasure. I know you will see him again...because I know, there are dogs in heaven. Sending you big hugs.

Elisa Black said...

My heart breaks as I read this-- we lost our 15 yr old yellow Lab in the spring. She was such a sweet, loyal presence among our family and home. So sorry for your loss. A lovely, lovely post about Brady.

JCnNC said...

Posted for Joyce by JC

Judy, This was a beautiful tribute to Brady. Written with love, Joyce

Mary Gibbs said...

Judy, I read with tears in my eyes your loving memories of Brady... I am so sorry for your heart ache. I lost Jasmine this past Oct. she filled our lives with joy for 16 years...she was my "sweet girl".
Even speaking of her now brings tears.
It would be easier to live life without pain....but we would miss so much joy in the process.
Sending hugs to you both,
Mary & Jordanhacul