The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface - So it is that we develop - But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work. For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Can You Not Wantobe --- A Quilter....

August 1, 2011, is the starting date of the Greatest, Latest, Bestest campaign
 and believe me when I say...
 this will be spectacular and will last for three months.

 All the sponsors are on board, the surprises and prizes are rolling in...
 the anticipation is out of control.

 The opportunity of a lifetime for people who have only just said they "Want To Be" a quilter..
 you now have a chance to win the supplies and help achieve your dream of "Becoming a quilter."

Hello friends and followers, welcome to the Wantobe Quilter's Campaign over at... (

There will be quilting supplies given away 5 days a week for 12 weeks.

Supplies that will have you quilting ... before you know it...
 From sewing machines to irons, to die cutters,
to mats, to rotary cutters, sewing baskets, scissors, batting, needles,
rolled sewing machine bags, patterns, books, magazines...everything
you could imagine to assist you in being a NEW Quilter.  Every prize package is packed full. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 What constitutes someone as a WANTOBE QUILTER..?

They do not have a machine, tools, notions, stash as in fabric...
They may have made a quilt with a Mom, sister, friend, niece, aunt, grandma,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I send in your information as I am registered with Stash and will need to tell "my people" who you are... 

You need to comment on the giveaway post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and link my name with your name, i.,e. "your comment, signed with your name and then add " the Shade Tree Quilting blog sent me"

Your name will be connected to my name and if you win, I could possible win a smaller prize

Winners will need to pay shipping costs for the prize - but that is pretty normal and shipping "ground" is not as expensive - it just takes longer.

Please email me your name, email address and telephone number -

These will NOT be sold or distributed, name will be only be published if you win.

Experienced quilters need not apply  - we already know how much you love quilting and your commitment, and besides we know you just about have all the supplies they make for quilting - LoL.
 That is what the indurstry keeps telling us anyway - it is in their numbers you know.

This campaign wants to help new quilters so they can join us in our wonderful community of fun-loving, creative, happy-spirited, sharing, and did I mention addictive, women.
 They usually eat pretty well also, because they all seem to be wonderful cooks - in their spare time
 quilting is first - just ask us.

FAST DASH to STASH.... every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Wantobe Quilters to comment right after the guest post each day - that is if you let me send in your name.


If you are already part of this community you can win
quilting stuff too...
Tuesday and Thursday are the days..

All you have to do is be a follower on my blog and a follower
over at Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure...
you can comment and win prizes also.
There are over 49 sponsors involved

I am pretty excited to be part of this, sew should you.

I love being a QUILTER!

P.S. You will not be eligible to win anything if you do you not register
with a blogger first where you see this message.

Life itself is a journey - someone has to win these prizes and it might as well be you!!!!
and Judy C sures hopes you win.


taylorsoutback said...

Will have to check out the present quilters!
Thanks for dropping by, far the deer have not ventured into my hosta area but I know the clock is ticking. The 2nd garden we stopped at which I will share on the 26th, gave out a recipe for "deer proofing" hostas...though you have probably tried everything under the sun.
Love the textured leaves of hostas - they remind me of quilting lines!

Joanne Lendaro said...

I am so far behind!! Looks like I've got less than 24 hours to figure this one out! I've got more designs that I hope to be loading onto the blog tomorrow.