The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface - So it is that we develop - But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work. For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Us Reporting In

We were very fortunate to have come through the recent devastation in our state.  We never lost power, so we could track the super cells and tornadoes that were all around us -  the tornado 20 miles north of us in Raleigh was on the ground a long time with a wide swath of destruction and the tornado 15 miles south of us in Smithfield/Selma also did a lot of damage -  Clayton is right between both towns and we only had wind and rain.  Oh yes, we had our safe room prepared, a large closet under the stairs, and would certainly have gone if we had felt threatened.  We are so thankful we had power and were able to track all the weather, consequently feeling a little more secure in our surroundings.  One thing we know for sure is that we respect whatever mother nature does and always take precautions to stay safe.  We are so thankful.  Just thought you  might want to know. 

Definitely did not bother Brady and then Casey and Brady came to the living room and just hung out.

Stay safe and keep your journey going forward. Judy C, Marty, Brady and Casey


Vroomans' Quilts said...

So glad to hear you and family are safe and well - so many thoughts going for those in these storm areas

Susan In Texas said...

I'm glad you didn't get socked with the really bad weather in your state. We had such high gusty winds in Fort Worth on Friday that I was really afraid our 20 year old Bradford pear was going to fall over, but it managed to stay upright. I've never seen such wind without a thunderstorm before! Smoke from the wildfires 120 miles away hazed up the entire sky. Definitely weird weather we're all having these days.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

taylorsoutback said...

Your pooches look so comfortable...our Molly (the middle child) gets so anxious with approaching storms. She needs constant reassurance. Glad you are okay - saddened to hear of the fatalities. Our own nearby community of Merrill suffered millions of dollars in loss of businesses and houses last Sunday...thankfully no loss of life though. What Mother Nature is handing out is a challenge for everyone. Today we are snow covered with blowing winds...a week before Easter.

KaHolly said...

Congratulations on winning the bunny pillow from Shell! And on weathering such a horrific beating from Mother Nature. Tell me, have you heard of any quilting organization that is sponsoring any relief efforts? ~karen

Katie said...

Glad to hear you were spared. We were closer to the action but so thankful the storm hopped by us!