The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface - So it is that we develop - But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work. For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just One Star Can Comfort a Soldier

Moda has issued  a challenge - they need 1800 star blocks to reach their goal of making 100 quilts in 100 days. If everyone sends in one star for the Flag of Valor quilt by Minnick and Simpson (or maybe two stars) using a medium red or blue with a cream background we can help them reach that goal. This is the website to get the information and download the pattern.  You have until May 1st.

Moda Designers, Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson have created fabrics and kits benefiting this program and will be available in some quilt stores April, 2011 if you would rather make a quilt.  I decided to make two blocks just in case they can make more than 100 quilts...will mail tomorrow.  Wouldn't that be terrific .,..

What better way to honor our men and women in the service of our country ..." the hands of a grateful nation comfort our soldiers." Let them know we have not forgotten and are proud of their commitment to our America.  Thanks to Pat Taylor for bringing this to my attention.  She knows everything. LoL 

I am still working on Criss Cross Applesauce and up to 125 blocks.  Really think that I will make two quilts ... have one on the table ready to pick up and sew.  This one will be 81 blocks set 9 x 9 and will be a 63" square.  Perfect size for a table topper.

Happy sewing and Judy C sends you peaceful thoughts today.


taylorsoutback said...

You are too much! I sure don't know everything! :o)
This project just tugged at me - being the wife of a Vietnam vet & having painful memories of how our people were treated when they returned. I am relieved to know that attitude has changed dramatically. Now if we could just get the arm-chair generals to quit involving our young people in wars in the first place....

Good for you in completing your blocks so quickly!

Donna said...

Criss Cross Applesauce...didn't we play a game like that waaaaaaaay back in the day? I do love that scrappy-with-an-attitude pattern. Can you point me toward that pattern.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Another great quilt! Thanks for the reminder about the block, I'm headed to a retreat and I'll add making a couple of blocks to my list of things to do!

sao said...

That is a great idea for everyone to make stars!!!!

And your Criss Cross Applesauce Quilt is looking really good!

I think I am going to work on Bonnie Hunter's HOPSCOTCH BUTTERSCOTCH today!

Happy Sewing...
sao in Midlothian, VA

Barb in Mi said...

Great CCA quilt - and my stars are made and will be collected at the guild meet next week!