The Masterpiece by Javan

The Masterpiece by Javan

We are born into the world like a blank canvas and each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes his mark upon our surface

So it is that we develop

But we must realize there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work

For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a Masterpiece. Javan

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taking Time for Yourself

Judy Laquidara's KnitALong is going to happen November 1st and I intend to knit along.  Look what she is tempting us with ... finished socks...and wow!!!
  Wonder if she would sell them? LoL

These are beautiful - inspirational - challenging - intimidating and I will do them and this is exactly how I plan on my socks looking - but in another color.  I may or may not show you my results and I promise you, either way, it will not be before Christmas.

My daughter shared with me that last weekend she thoroughly enjoyed making Halloween costumes for her three grand angels and now plans on more sewing projects.
Between working full-time and maintaining a household, she has very little time to start and complete a project in one weekend. 
I started thinking about how we do not always have that same sense of accomplishment when we wash clothes, vacuum, clean and cook. 
I believe everyone should build more creative times into their life - there is not only a sense of accomplishment, but also comes a peace with one's self.
  Somehow the stresses of life equal out with each accomplishment and doing what gives you joy can be your blessing.  Please take time for yourself.

Happiness along your journey from Judy C

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